Bengaluru Chennai: A crazy roadtrip to watch Endgame

It all started as a Joke!

On 21st April, like every other Marvel fan I was waiting for the Endgame movie. At 13:45 I noticed a notification from Paytm saying Endgame movie bookings were open. Immediately I opened the app to book my ticket, but I am late all nearby shows were sold-out. Tried to see if any screens far were available. No luck! Then I realized the bookings for IMAX screens were yet to open. Started refreshing the view every 5,10 mins for the remaining day.

Some where on Monday or Tuesday the bookings at IMAX screens were also opened and sold out for the whole week end by the time I released and tried booking.

Now comes the joke part!

By Wednesday I lost hope to watch Endgame on first day, forget first day, its looks impossible for whole weekend. Meanwhile I started enquiring in my friend circle who all got the tickets. And almost no one got the tickets.

Meanwhile while speaking one of my close friend Mr Chakri, he jokingly said come to Chennai we will watch the movie together.

Actually I was planning for a road trip for this weekend. After that joking incident, I thought for a while and felt that its not a bad idea! After giving some thought to it and checking other options for weekend, I thought lets do it. Spoke to my friend Chakri and told him to go ahead with booking. Now the trip plan is freeze!

Planning the Trip

By Now (Thursday 25th April) I became serious and now I've to start planning. Tried doing some research online. Found a handful sites/blogs, but my requirement to prepare for a bike trip couldn't be match. So have to do self planning, and that one more reason for this blog.

The Route

There are 2 routes to Chennai from Bengaluru, where both merges before Vellore.

First one is via Kolar, Palamaner and Vellore. This is very familiar route for me, I use this route twice or trice every year while travelling to hometown. This doesn't seem a bad route except that I've to cross the city traffic which is very time consuming and tiring. Since I've a long ride ahead I parked this route to evaluate the other.

Second one is the newly built which is via Hosur, Krishnagiri, Ambur and Vellore. This route is smooth and wide compared to the prior one. Also I can avoid all the city traffic irrespective of the time. I stay is JP Nagar, I can enter NICE road either from Kanakapura road or Bannerghatta road which are just 6-7 Km's away from my home.

Also to add more trouble to the first route I realized that some part of that route was under widening work. So with all this points, I picked the Second route.

Safety gears

Now Its time to look at the gears I already have and to collect the remaining required ones.

  • Helmet
  • Riding Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Knee and Elbow Guards

I've half of the gears and the rest I need to buy beg borrow or steel. Since I've very short time I couldn't procure them. The Jacket I use covers my whole upper part, like elbows, shoulders and back. I've a fairly good shoes, but a good pair of boots would have been much better. And the Knee guards are the major items missing and proceeding without them. But I recommend you not to miss any of the above for any ride either short or long. Remember Safety first, not comfort, one need to dress for the slide not the ride.

I thought to rent a GoPro, since this is my first interstate road trip on my new bike. From a friend found Rentobuzz offers cheaper prices compared to others in the market. The best part is they do home delivery of the product you choose on giving few details via Whatsapp and a security deposit. I am really impressed with their service.

Pre ride Bike checks
  • Breaks
  • Chain tension
  • Chain lube
  • Oil levels
  • Tyres 
  • Wiring
  • Registration plate, papers

Mine was, just three months old bike and also haven't ride much after the first service, so most of the things are taken care. Bust still have inspected once, washed the bike, done chain clean and lube and ready to ride. 


Since its just one night stay, dint have much luggage one very small back pack, I packed one pair of dress, couple of bungee cords(just in case). If you have more than a small bag I would recommend a saddle bag. Saddle bags are really helpful.

The Ride

Bengaluru to Chennai

I woke up at 0600 to start the journey as early as possible. But I took almost 2 hours to get ready to role. Around at 0800 I started from home. I was so worried about the traffic. By around 0840 I was out of Bengaluru and on highway. I was riding happily at a 90 - 100 Km's. The road is smooth as expected.

Since I started very late, I was expecting heavy traffic. Not sure why the traffic is way less. I was easily switching lanes without any hassle to overtake. Since this is six lane high way (most of it). I was riding on the extreme left lane. You'll fine one extra-small lane after the third lane which might disappear in few places, you might be tempted to take this for over taking if you find traffic on the left most lane. Be cautious this lane can disappear without any warning its extremely dangerous. Better stick to the third lane wait for some time for the traffic to settle, since you are on a bike you will find traffic exit very soon compared to cars. Again don't squeeze yourself in gaps between big vehicles for overtaking, no never.

Around at 0920, I started feeling hungry, unintentionally my speed came down and looking for a place for breakfast. Just before Shoolagiri found a place, its a break point, you can find a fuel station, multiple eateries and even washrooms. There is a south Indian eater Sri Krishna Inn, but it is heavily crowded, no places to even stand, stepped into CCD next to it and had a burger, a few mins of break and I am back on bike.

After Krishnagiri, you need to take a left turn or you will be going towards Salem. You will find very few boards or signs for the same.

After every 50 - 60 mins, I needed a 2 - 3 mins break. These breaks really helped indeed. When I said break, just dont stop the bike and dont sit on it. Find a proper place, make sure you are not obstructing the traffic, not even on the extra small lane I mentioned above. If possible find some shade, park your bike, try taking few steps, try stretching your legs and hands. Remember these small breaks does really help. Around by 1300, I entered the Chennai city. As expected the city traffic is really heavy and it took almost one more hour to reach my friends place.

My Bike's fuel tank capacity is 17, and I don't fill it full, and without reserve, it usually accommodates 12 liters. With an average mileage of 30, I could complete day one journey without refueling it again. I found few fuel stations along the highway, just in case if you need. The climate is cool for the season. I didn't feel the summer heat either along the high way or in the Chennai city.

On reaching my destination, parked my bike, and while going inside, one thing was going in my mind that now I'll crash on the bed. But luckily that's not the case. I was not that tired, didn't feel bad either. Had a little chat with my friend and left for lunch. Later in the evening met an old friend had an deliteful dinner had good laugh. And comes the shocker, by the time we reached home the power is gone. Since I had a very long day and I've to wake up early tomorrow morning, movie show is at 0715 and after that have to start to Bengaluru, I was really worried about my sleep. Went to bed with out power around at 2320. Very lucky me, the power is back by 2330 and I had slipped into sleep. End of day one.

Movie Time(Spoiler Alert) Skip
Morning we woke up around 0540, since I had a long day yesterday, I had a very deep sleep. Got ready and started for the theater. Actually we stayed in a different place last night, which was some 15 Km's away from the theater. So we have to start early as the show is also early. We reached the theater on time and the show started on time. Unlike some screens in Bengaluru, there are no adds. The movie was amazing, I, I cant express it. When cap summoned the Mjölnir, the whole theater went mad and was filled with audience shouting's. `I am Iron man` that one dialogue is all about the movie. Iron man being my favorite super hero, when he fell down and Pepper says now you can rest, I couldn't control my emotion. All I can say is the ride is worth for the movie on the first weekend.

After the movie, we had some breakfast, it was already 1130, we moved to my friends room thinking I'll take a have an hour sleep. But as you know, when you are with your best buddy, you simply cant sleep. We were constantly speaking various things, mostly about the movie. He was reminding me about the sleep I wanted to take.

Chennai to Bengaluru

Around at 1230, I realized if don't take at least a power nap, my ride is going to be tough. My friends stepped out and I took a power nap. Got refreshed and started my return ride. Then I realized the fuel is almost empty so, re-fueled, made sure the tire pressure is set and started the ride around 1315. Unlike the previous day the city traffic was moderate. I made out of the city in almost 40 mins where the previous day it took almost an hour.

The climate was very pleasant due to the cyclone Fani. I was very lucky it didnt rain. Unlike the previous day I had to take more frequent breaks, due discomfort I had in the theater due to bad leg room, my legs are very much tired and my knees were very uncomfortable. Luckily the frequent breaks helped me relax and complete the ride without any hick ups.

I reached home at sharp 1858. Removed my gears, refreshed and called the day.


The major problem I faced was mostly due to wind. The whole route is really windy, not sure its generally like this or due to the Cyclone Fani. The bigger problem of the wind is while you over take a bigger vehicle, the immediate moment you exit the vehicle, you will feel a bust of wind blow. Be prepared for the same by not over taking at higher speed, or try doing from slight distance. Summer heat was not a problem, I think that, the credit goes to Fani again. Also there are few villages where the village traffic can enter into high way, be cautions, try slowing down near those places. Another problem I faced is uncomfortable knees on return journey. I should have taken proper rest before staring the ride.


I really enjoyed the ride. Its totally worthy both for the movie and my long pending quench of a long bike ride. Its like two birds with one stone. I am really looking for my next ride. I have hit my all time high speed 156 on the return journey and covered 320 Km's(highway) in 4 hours.

For all the bike riding enthusiasts the high way is really smooth. I am sure you will really enjoy.


A sneak peek video of my ride.


Note: This is my first blog ever, please excuse me for any mistakes. Suggestions are welcome.


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